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A Codes: Introductory Guide

A Codes are five-digit codes that identify ambulance and transportation services, and other medical transportation services. They are used to describe the transportation of a patient by an ambulance, air ambulance, or other medical transport vehicle.

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B Codes: Introductory Guide

B Codes are five-digit codes that identify enteral and parenteral nutritional therapies, including the provision of nutrients, supplements, and other related supplies.

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H Codes: Introductory Guide

H Codes identify products and services related to rehabilitation, alcohol and drug abuse treatment, and durable medical equipment (DME), and are used for billing and reimbursement purposes.

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K Codes: Introductory Guide

K Codes identify durable medical equipment (DME) products and are used specifically for billing and reimbursement by Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs).

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Q Codes: Introductory Guide

Q Codes are alpha-numeric codes that identify miscellaneous services and supplies, including items such as diagnostic tests, medical treatments, and procedures.

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