Codes: q0514


q0514 is a valid HCPCS code for 2023. It's used to specify:
Pharmacy dispensing fee for inhalation drug(s); per 90 days

q0514- HCPCS Details




Short Description
Disp fee inhal drugs/90 days
Long Description
Pharmacy dispensing fee for inhalation drug(s); per 90 days

A code denoting Medicare coverage status.

HCPCS Coverage Code ⓘ


A code denoting the change made to a procedure or modifier code within the HCPCS system.

HCPCS Action Code ⓘ
N =
No maintenance for this code

Code used to identify the appropriate methodology for developing unique pricing amounts under part B. A procedure may have one to four pricing codes.

HCPCS Pricing Indicator ⓘ
46 =
Carrier priced (e.g. not otherwise classified individual determination carrier discretion gap-filled amounts)

Code used to identify instances where a procedure could be priced under multiple methodologies.

HCPCS Multiple Pricing Indicator Code ⓘ
A =
Not applicable as HCPCS priced under one methodology

Berenson-Eggers Type of Service (BETOS) classification categories are used to analyze Medicare costs. All Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) procedure codes are assigned to a BETOS category.

BETOS Classification ⓘ

O1E =
Other drugs

The carrier assigned CMS type of service which describes the particular kind(s) of service represented by the procedure code.

Type of Service ⓘ

9 =
Other medical items or services A Used durable medical equipment DME B High risk screening mammography
(obsolete 1/1/98 )

Effective date of action to a procedure or modifier code

Effective Date ⓘ


The year the HCPCS code was added to the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System.

Date Added ⓘ

Termination Date

The HCPCS Code Section that this code belongs to. It's typically denoted by the first letter in the code.

Code Section ⓘ